Message by Pastor Hanson – Be Transformed Temple

I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air:  1Corinthians 9:26 KJV

Let me start by saying that there is an adversary out there, whom the bible says he comes to steal kill and destroy. Sadly some think the adversary is only imaginary, that mindset in itself is the clearest indication you have been taken captive by him. Anyone who thinks like that is living in spiritual slavery. You are a convict, a jailbird, a yardbird in the spiritual realm. Which is by far more active and has the ability to control the physical world and actively does so. The way out of spiritual prison is to open your heart to spiritual truths, don’t be of them who say I only believe what I can see and feel physically. The devil, the old serpent is at work like never before, be watchful if not you will laugh at the wrong side of your mouth in eternity.

The Isthmian Games, unlike the other sports festivals focused primarily on the combative sports, Isthmus of Corinth (is located in modern-day Greece). So the average person in the congregation to whom Paul was writing was very much acquainted with the terms he was using in his letter. He was simply using the known and familiar terms to communicate spiritual mysteries. If you will develop your spiritual senses God will use your physical environment to reveal spiritual realities previously unknown to you. In your office, neighbourhood, the industry where you work, in the life of business associates, in your family etc.  Often times physical footprints that are meant to be pointers to spiritual discoveries, have been left for us but because many are spiritually blinded, dull and damp they are unable to make spiritual sense of them. Don’t be a Balaam who was so blinded to spiritual realities to the point a  donkey had to draw his attention to them.

The boxers of these games shadow boxed in training, but on the dee day, they had to face the opponent, squarely focusing attention and energy on the adversary, without beating the air. In retrospect one can say that the average Christian is just beating the air. Sad but the truth, because many are not purposeful in their walk with God.  Are you one of those Christians shadow boxing?

Have a wonderful day.

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