Series by Evangelist O. K. Yeboah – Walk2live


God is at peace with the world because of what Christ has done on the cross. Prior to the coming of Jesus Christ, God was at war against man’s sins. His wrath came upon people because of their sins in their life. But praise be to God, Jesus Christ took the sins of the whole world on the cross and consume the wrath of God for sins in His body.


The Gospel is good news. In Greek, it actually means nearly-too-good-to-be-true news. God isn’t angry with you. He loves you and wants to extend all of His blessings towards you.


As a whole, the Church isn’t preaching this, we are still telling people that God is angry with them. God has already made peace with the world and has reconciled the world for Himself. (Isaiah 44:10). Is not every message you hear in church that is from God. His messages are good news, not bad news. God is good all the time.


True ministry is looking for gold in the midst of the dirt in people’s lives. Most people know what is wrong with them but they are unaware of the greatness that God has placed in their lives.


Heaven and hell are real, live for Jesus.

Stay tuned.



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