There was a lady at the airport whose flight has been delayed.  She had all the time to relax. She loved cookies so she decided to get a bag of cookies from a vendor around whiles waiting on her plane.

She sat with her luggage by her side and started enjoying her cookies.

Seated beside her was a gentleman whom she did not know from anywhere.

Now, the lady took one cookie and this gentleman also took one. She turned to look at him in amazement but without saying anything to him.

Then she took the second one and the gentleman took another one.  At this time she was filled with anger and was furious, but she still did not say anything to the man.

While she was chewing the second one the man reached for the last cookie in the bag and broke it into two and gave her the bigger one.

After all that had happened, it was time to board the plane so she left for the plane and the man to left.

While on the plane she reached out for her handbag to read a book she recently bought. Upon opening her bag and to her surprise she saw her bag of cookies she bought from the vendor at the airport.

At that moment she realized she was rather eating the man’s cookies and not her’s.

She was frustrated with the situation because she actually thought the man was eating her cookies without permission.

One thing she realized was that the man did not seem angry or furious when she was eating his cookies. He even broke the last one and gave her half.

The above story talks to us about perspective in life. Many times things are not what we think they are. Sometimes the very things we are furious about are also not what the people who do them intend.

The lesson here today is that we must always be careful about the things we get mad and frustrated about.

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