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1 Peter 2:17 states “Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honour the emperor (king).” NIV

Apostle Peter, who some believe to be the first pope is writing here.  Led by the Spirit he categorically admonishes 4 things:

  1. To show proper respect to everyone.
  2. To love the family of believers.
  3. To fear God.
  4. To honour the Emperor (king or president).


This four-sided mirror instruction enables us to discover ourselves as nothing else does. The first instruction you will agree with me is not easy especially when we consider people of ‘lower’ standing than ourselves, or of the same standing as ourselves. So how does one treat people properly? By treating all equally but with reference to hierarchy.


Secondly, he says to love the family of believers. The instruction calls for compassion to our very own. We are to look within the church family and take care of those that have less spiritually, physically and emotionally?


The big one, he says to fear God. First to show respect, second to love, then to fear God. Could it be, he said this because some people were living in a manner that didn’t indicate any fear for God. Society is increasingly losing its conscience and moral value. People are living unto themselves, in that they are the law unto themselves. They do as it pleases them, once it feels good, looks good and can be defended by human reasoning, then it’s appropriate. We must not be deceived. We are far from God if we live into ourselves without reminding ourselves of the repercussions of lawless living.


Finally, he tells us to honour the Emperor, King, President or leadership of our time. What need is there to honour them anyway? They represent God, by being the custodians of law and order, justice, accountability etc. In other words, they work for God. Whether they know it or not, believe or not it changes nothing. To help them serve you, God says honour them. Don’t be a party to any group of people who have taken it upon themselves to dishonour leadership, it’s an upfront to God.


Let’s honour the leadership and make an already difficult responsibility less burdensome.


Have a fruitful Wednesday.

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