Affection what women need

Affection is the number one need of a woman. A woman does not need sex as much as she needs affection. Affection is not love neither is it sexuality.

Most men believe that when they are completed with sexual experience the woman is happy. Now this is not so true. Many a time most women are angry after their husband climaxes because they are not fulfilled.  A woman doesn’t want but she needs it.

Just like a car needs gasoline, a woman needs affection. Affection is not sex, having sex with your wife is not an expression of affection, is usually the result of it.

The application of effects to produce an affect is ‘Affection’. To show affection you have to apply something to the person and it this has an impact on affection. This is why a woman needs to be told everyday by her husband ‘I LOVE YOU’

“Everyday, Ten times a day, tell her, I LOVE YOU” The woman needs that as affection.

What Affection is as an application of effect:

  1. Sending her flowers for no reason at all
  2. Holding hands with her in public
  3. Walking to the mall
  4. Telling her to come sit near you again while you driving
  5. Taking her to lunch for no reason

Affection is not expensive, it just takes a thought.

Question to men?

Do you drink gasoline? NO

Does your car needs gasoline? YES

When you know what she needs, you don’t feel like stopping to do it for her, like buying flowers but you do it because that’s what the car needs.

Affection always begins in the morning with rolling over the bed, kissing and saying honey.

You to the kitchen and make a little breakfast for her is affection. You bring it to the room before she gets up, and just say to her, honey, for all the years you cooked for me is one is for you. Women need that kind of affection.

When you take her to the car, open the door for her. Affection is also kissing her before she leaves for work or before you leave. Affection is calling her every 10 minutes to say “I Just Called To I Love You”. You don’t have to talk for long, hang the phone up, all it takes is less than 5 seconds. A woman doesn’t want that kind of affection, She needs it and its simple.

Affection is a WOMAN’s NEED.

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