What is my testimony? Jesus died, He was buried, and resurrected for our sins.

My testimony is Jesus died, He was buried and He resurrected for our sins. What is your Testimony?

Our Joy and Confidence in the Lord Jesus shall be the power of satan breaking. Share you testimony today and inspire someone. Tell the world about our Jesus Christ and His wondrous and marvelous acts.

Don’t be quiet, lets spread it until the whole worlds hears and know about our Jesus Christ.

You can send your Testimonies to: [email protected]

Please remember to add your name and country.

One comment on “WHAT IS YOUR TESTIMONY?”

  1. Kai Ralphs

    Who were the key people or groups who influenced you to follow Jesus ? How did they help you move toward Jesus? Can you remember anything specific they said or did to overcome misconceptions, help you see your need for Jesus, or unsettle your thinking? What were the pivotal moments and conversations?

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